Unless there’s a two-week wait to get reservations at your Establishment, you’re probably wondering how to keep your customers coming back…

How about a QuickApption Mobile App?

Put your menu on your customer’s smart phone and watch your take-out sales soar. And you can update it with your daily or weekly or holiday-themed specials.

I’m coming home from work and my wife asks me to pick up dinner as we both have had that kind of day. Having your app on my phone makes it really easy for me to check out your menu and call. (I won’t mention that I was stuck in rush hour traffic or that I never look at my phone while driving. Never!)

A Mobile App from QuickApption is the recipe for generating in-store traffic too. In addition to announcing special menus and events, you can generate a cool digital coupon for dollars off, or a free drink, or a complementary dessert.

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