Real Estate
You’re managing a condo in the city, and man, just to get a quorum to show up for a board meeting is like herding cats. Or getting the word out that the elevators are going to be shut down next Tuesday for annual maintenance without invariably causing an upset by the one or two unit owners who didn’t get the memo. Or letting them know that the annual holiday party is going to be a week early this year to make sure more owners are in town.

Whatever the message that needs to be seen, the most effective communication tool is a Mobile App from QuickApption. It’s like having a your own personal doorman on call 24/7.

You’re a residential real estate broker and the market shows signs of coming alive again. (Hooray!) Your inventory of listings is hot. How to quickly share them with your clients and prospects? Circulate your listings with your own personal Mobile App from QuickApption. Include photos and room specifics. Your marketing message appears, too. And there’s even social media opportunities to encourage referrals.

You’re a commercial real estate broker and competition is steep. You need an edge that drives business to your door. With a Mobile App from QuickApption you claim your corner of your client or prospects’ personal real estate (their smart phone). There you can provide photos and floor plans and building amenities along with your own marketing message and contact information. Sellers will be dazzled by your marketing genius. Buyers will be thrilled to have all this information at their fingertips. Who said competition is steep?

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