The publishing marketplace affords a very special environment for digital technology. And most of the publisher apps found today are content-centric, i.e. how to convert your book into an e-book or how to convert your magazine into an e-magazine.

At QuickApption, we see things differently: There is an enormous opportunity for publishers to make their content interactive with their audience. The key is not to overwhelm the reader but to assist the reader in using the content robustly.

So special is this publisher world that we have established a separate division. It’s called ListQuick and what ListQuick does is it marries QR-codes printed in books and magazines to actionable apps.

Cookbooks are particularly suited to ListQuick apps. Cooks and cooking aficionados are partial to their cookbooks, and we’re not interested in the least in replacing them with online or tablet versions. Not at all. What we are interested in is making cookbooks—in all versions—more usable to the reader. The premise behind ListQuick is to capture the ingredients called for in a recipe and to create a shopping list conveniently placed on the viewer’s smart phone—so it’s with them when they are doing the shopping. This is accomplished with the QR code printed next to the recipe and when the reader captures the QR-code the customized ListQuick Shopper Ingredient List pops up on their phone. Furthermore, there are a myriad of sponsorship opportunities for publishers to garner additional income—from ingredient vendors or even grocery stores themselves.

The Backlist
Adding QR-codes with ListQuick apps to frontlist titles is a slam dunk prior to publishing the first edition. But what about backlisted titles? We can help you add QR-codes to reprints so that not only all the benefits of ListQuick are available for older titles, but it provides the publisher with new marketing ammunition to feature updated and revised editions. A reader who loves an older, trusted edition of that cookbook is going to be thrilled with being able to use a ListQuick app that makes it easy to create ingredient shopping lists.

Cookbooks and cooking magazines aren’t the only genre that benefits from ListQuick. Another category includes travel books and guides. Sophisticated travelers don’t necessarily want to carry guidebooks with them as they’re walking around town, or perhaps squeezing in sightseeing between out-of-town business meetings. But if they could just scan a printed QR-code in your travel guide, they’d have a listing conveniently at hand on their smart phone of all the important must-see sites within walking distance, or great restaurants and cafés, even shopping. And for the entrepreneurial publisher, there could be revenue opportunities from advertisers and app sponsors, too.

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