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Everybody likes a good confab. It’s a great way for members to bond. In fact, would there be a group if no one ever got together? (We’ll leave it to those who contemplate whether there’s noise when a tree falls in a deserted forest for the answer.) Of course there are virtual meetings but once in a while isn’t it a bit reassuring, if not downright enjoyable, to break bread with colleagues, attend live training seminars, visit exhibition halls to find out about the latest and greatest?

I love that meaty tome the association gives me at registration. It’s chock full of vital information I almost never get around to reading. And it’s weighty, too. Wouldn’t it be great if the group would have an app that I can upload to my smart phone that gives me a synopsis the convention agenda, updated seminar schedule, even snippets of speaker bios, and those ubiquitous exhibitor listings? And by the way, why you’re at it, how about a guide to restaurants close by the meeting location, or a listing of local shopping and entertainment, heck, even a map of the area?

Wouldn’t it be great? It’s already here! And it’s a Mobile App from QuickApption. Best of all, it’s so affordable you can have a separate app for your seasonal meetings too. And last minute data can be uploaded to provide maximum flexibility.

It’s a Tuesday and that nor’easter just appeared out of nowhere without warning. How do I let our students know classes have been cancelled today? Or better yet, that all-too-important PTA meeting is coming up and we’d better make our attendance targets or the school board is likely to slash our budget. Hey, and what’s the football schedule this fall? Don’t want to miss my kid’s game at home or away. Come to think of it, sure hope his grades don’t suffer with all those extracurriculars. When do report cards come out anyway? And parent/teacher conferences? And…

You get the picture. With a school Mobile App from QuickApption on your phone, you’ve got a snapshot of what’s going on right at your fingertips. Whatever the school type (elementary, middle, high, college, university, church, etc.) a Quickapption mobile app keeps you connected.

There’s this town close to where I live that is the most happening place you ever can imagine. Virtually every weekend there’s a farmer’s market, or flea market, or art fair, or crafts show, or free concert, or fireworks, or street fair or food tasting, not to mention the annual week long 4th of July activities. It’s a great community, no doubt about it. Problem is, I can’t keep up with everything that’s going on. Sure wish I had an app on my smart phone that would keep me update with all the goings on in town by week or by month. Sure wish the city council would fund an incredibly affordable QuickApption mobile app—now that’s a service we could all rally around.

No matter your group size or type, your members will be grateful to have your communication on their smart phones where they can easily access it when they need it the most.

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